Tom had reached his early 70s without much in the way of health problems, but a matter of weeks ago he received a terminal diagnosis.

Two days after we visited him in hospital, he passed away.

Tom had some warning of his death, albeit not much. But he used his time well.

In the two weeks following his diagnosis – that short window during which he was well enough – he sorted out his financial affairs, making sure that his wife would have no financial worries after his death.

We don’t know at what age we shall depart this earth. We have no idea whether we’ll even make 50, never mind 70-something. Neither do we know how it will happen or how much, if any, warning we will have.

As soon as I came back from London I set up an appointment with my solicitor to make a will. I had been meaning to do this for two years. Finally, the kick up the backside I required. As it turned out, writing a will was a very straightforward … why was I putting it off for so long?

Tom’s death made me see how exposed I was. I realised I had to put a plan in place now before it was too late. 

Consider This

If you’d rather not think about a morbid subject like this first thing on a Sunday morning, I say to you: there is never a good time to deal with how your death will materially affect those who depend on you.

But there is a bad time.

If you need help or guidance on taking care of those niggles, drop me an email or contact the office. Now is good.