Financial Advice for Professional People

Bob Quinn

I am Bob Quinn, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ focused on servicing the needs of professionals.

I understand that financial decisions have far reaching consequences. Rather than following the herd on financial matters, I get to know your definition of success. Together we create a plan that supports you in achieving this.

I have the specialist expertise and a well-defined, proven process that filters out the noise and gets you the answers you need quickly.

If you choose to work with me, you actually work with me. You will never be handed over to a junior staff member. I will always be your adviser, supported by my office manager, Maria Shirran.

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Stop Wasting Your Time

You don’t want to waste your time. I know you need to get on with your business and life.

So, while I recommend that any financial decision is made in the context of a broader financial plan, I also understand that you sometimes just need answers to your specific questions.

By working with me, you get those answers quickly and in a way that will make sense to you.

No sales guff. No upsell. Just completely independent financial advice tailored to your needs and circumstances, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to relax and get back to the important things in your life.

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Areas of Expertise


Your income in the future may emerge from pension funds, directly owned property or the sale of your business. We create a plan which reduces risks and tallies with your future income expectations.


I keep focused on two aspects when investing your money. The investment should be aligned to your personal goals and objectives, and built around global diversification and best practice.

Life Assurance

Your business has the capacity to protect the most important people in your life – your family, your fellow directors, your employees and you. That peace of mind is priceless.