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Bob Quinn

Bob Quinn CFP®

In 2010, I set up The Money Advisers as a direct response to the lack of unbiased advice available in the Irish market. I specialise in advising company directors and senior executives.

I not only bring a commitment to delivering 100% independent advice to my clients, I also have in-depth and certified industry knowledge – I’m a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

The favourite part of my job is the face-to-face consultations with my clients. I love getting to the crux of the financial issue – or issues; putting my finger on the root of the problem, finding the solution and seeing my clients prosper as a result.

I’m a regular commentator on a range of personal finance and regulatory issues and contribute to national radio shows and newspapers.

Maria Shirran

Maria Shirran
Compliance and Administration Manager

Maria works closely with me and my clients. She ensures the actions are completed and deadlines are achieved.

With a degree in Marketing, Maria has over 15 years’ sales and administration experience.

She has a strong track record of ensuring deadlines are met and that attention is paid to every detail.

As a mother of two young children, Maria is keenly aware of the financial and time pressures that the modern Irish family is exposed to. She knows how important it is to get solutions in place quickly so our clients can get back to living their lives and running their businesses.

Who Do I Help?

My clients are usually company directors or senior executives.

They typically have a net worth in excess of €1,000,000 and their financial affairs could be described as complex.

When a client starts working with me, they usually have existing pensions, insurance plans and investments. However they may not be overly familiar with the finer details. I help them understand their situation and assist them in tweaking and altering their finances to ensure long term financial security.

Why Am I Different?

A broker or bank needs to sell you a product before they earn a living.

Because they are under pressure to get to the sale, they don’t have the time to get a broader understanding of your needs and ambitions. This leads to point / tactical solutions.

Many of the ‘advisers’ in these businesses must meet targets and work on a commission basis. As such, their focus may be on their target or commission rather than on your needs.

You pay me for my advice – I do not need to sell you a policy to justify spending time with you.

I invest the time to work through the details with you so we can get to the crux of your needs and identify the best solutions for you.

The solution may well involve one or more financial products, but you will know what your options are and why this is the best solution for your specific circumstances.

Accountants are trained to look at the past and to focus on the numbers in front of them.

I work with you to understand the past but primarily our focus will be on the future you desire.

A tax adviser is focused on tax efficiency.

However, minimising your tax liability may not be the way to achieve your financial goals.

As a simple example, if you have a desire to reduce your level of debt or you wish to purchase or upgrade your home, putting your money into a pension may be the most tax efficient thing to do but it works against your goals.

I can advise you about tax efficiency. But this comes after we align your strategy to your goals.

You could try to do this yourself.

The internet will definitely show you some of your options. But it’s a poor tool when it comes to understanding the detail and truly assessing what is right for you. You’ll be able to read all of the glossy product brochures but the fine print may not be so clear.

Life and business will get in the way and getting on top of your finances will drop down your priority list – You’ll be nowhere closer to a solution in three months’ time.

You may also struggle to deal with your personal biases or past experiences.

On top of this, the emotions connected to a family’s finances and financial future can lead to discord and stress.

Don’t you have better things to do with your limited time?

I have the experience.

I have the time to delve into complex issues.

I have the objectivity to assess what is right.

I have the knowledge to filter through the noise and the endless choices.

You could do your own accounting. You could do your own tax returns. But you don’t – you find professionals to do this for you.

Why not do the same when it comes to your financial future?

Be Professional

At the end of the day, you need to be serious about your financial future.

You are professional when it comes to running your business. I enable you to be professional about your personal finances.

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